Amy Shelton has dedicated her career to teaching, working in public education, and volunteering in the community because she dreams of a day when all Tulsa kids will have access to a high-quality education and the supports they need to be successful.

As a teacher in three Title I elementary schools in North and East Tulsa, Amy built strong relationships with students and colleagues because she understood that those relationships are at the heart of education. She helped her students achieve at high levels by making learning fun and exciting, continuously improving her own effectiveness, and supporting the unique needs of her students.

Amy successfully leveraged school-community partnerships to boost student achievement. She ran the Reading Partners Tulsa program at Kendall-Whittier Elementary School and then designed and coordinated a pilot summer school program for 3rd grade students who were at risk of being retained. As summer program coordinator she facilitated a dynamic partnership between the district, summer school principals and teachers, the national Reading Partners office, the local Reading Partners team, and volunteers from the community.

As a summer intern with the TPS Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Amy saw firsthand the challenges a large district faces in providing a consistent educational experience for all students while also respecting the professional autonomy of teachers and school leaders. She researched electronic teacher collaboration platforms used in other districts and assisted the Curriculum & Instruction team in writing formative assessments that would help teachers gauge student learning.

Amy believes in studying what is working well for students and then doing more of it. As a master’s student in Educational Studies at TU, she interviewed students who were graduating from McLain to understand how their teachers’ expectations of them shaped their educational experiences. She also talked with students and parents at a charter school in Tulsa to discover what that school was doing differently to support its students.

Amy and her husband are active on the Kendall-Whittier Resident Council and volunteer in the community with their young daughter.